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Lukas Tomin

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Cafe Kandinsky in 1991

  lukáš tomin

Born in Prague in 1963, Tomin spent his adolescence in the dissident community of the 1970s (both his parents were signatories of Charter 77, and his mother served for a time as the movement's spokesperson). Denied access to secondary education at age fifteen, he took part in the numerous underground seminars and exchanges characteristic of opposition life and had his first works published in samizdat. In 1980, after unremitting harassment from the authorities and police, which found them placed under house arrest, the Tomins were forced into exile, and they went to England, where Lukáš studied at St. Edward's School, Oxford, and attended the University of London. From 1985 to 1987 He alternately lived in Paris, where he wrote The Doll, London, and Montreal. In 1991 he returned to Prague where he resided until his death in 1995, regularly contributing to Czech literary periodicals and journals.


published by TSP:


The Doll


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