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Ewald Murrer


  ewald murrer

Ewald Murrer was born in 1964, in Prague. From 1985-90 he was employed by the President's Office as a gardener at Prague Castle. Free to publish officially after the Velvet Revolution, his work appeared in numerous anthologies, such as Child of Europe (Penguin Books), Daylight in Nightclub Inferno (Catbird), and This Side of Reality (Serpent's Tail). In 1992, he launched Iniciály, which immediately became an influential venue for young writers. Starting with the The Diary of Mr. Pinke in 1990/93, Murrer published a number of poetry and short-prose collections over the decade while working as an editor for some of the leading magazines and radio. Then he took a long break. Since 2018 nearly a dozen new volumes have appeared, including a trilogy of "stories in verse," the first of which, Night Reading in 2019, won the Magnesia Litera Prize for Poetry Book of the Year. Murrer lives in Prague and currently works as a web administrator.


published by TSP :
The Diary of Mr. Pinke

Dreams at the
End of the Night

also read :
The Emergency Stopping
of Time

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