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Eva Svankmajerova

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  eva švankmajerová

Eva Švankmajerová was born on September 25, 1940, in
the Czech town of Kostelec nad Černými Lesy. She came to Prague in 1954 to study interior design at the School of Applied Arts and later puppetry at the Drama Academy. An active member of the Czech and Slovak Surrealist Group since 1970, she was known for her paintings and ceramic work, and her poetry and prose regularly appeared in the group's journal Analogon. English translations of her poetry have been published in Surrealist Women: an International Anthology (University of Texas Press) and Prague Literary Review. In addition, she collaborated with her husband, Jan Švankmajer, on a number of joint exhibitions and films, such as Alice, Faust, Conspirators of Pleasure, and Little Otik. She died on October 20, 2005.


published by TSP:
Baradla Cave

forthcoming :
Mental Morphology : Selected Writing and Art

The Scourges of Conscience

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