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Jindrich Styrsky


  jindřich štyrský

Jindřich Štyrský (1899-1942) was a painter, poet, editor, photographer, and collagist. His outstanding and varied oeuvre included numerous book covers and illustrations as well as studies of both Arthur Rimbaud and Marquis de Sade. He became a member of the avant-garde artist's group Devětsil in 1923, participating in the collective exhibitions and in 1928-29 serving as director of the group's drama wing, the "Liberated Theater," where he collaborated with Vítězslav Nezval (the dance performance of his poetry collection Alphabet) among others. Also active as an editor, Štyrský launched the Erotic Review in 1930 and Edition 69, a limited private series of erotic texts and illustrations, in 1931, and
co-edited Odeon, where many of his shorter texts appeared. He was a founding member of The Surrealist Group in Czechoslovakia, remaining active in the group (despite Nezval's attempt to disband it) until his death.


published by TSP:

Edition 69


On the Needles
of these Days

The Absolute Gravedigger

The Automaton

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