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Hidden History

[ excerpt ]

Czech writing

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  hidden history

by Otokar Březina

translated from the Czech by Carleton Bulkin
afterword by Petr Holman

The works of the Czech Symbolist Otokar Březina (1868-1929), a writer twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, influenced an entire generation of artists in Bohemia and Moravia. Hidden History (published posthumously in 1935) is one of the most important works of 20th century Czech prose and represents the apotheosis of Březina's endeavors in the essay form. I n this finely crafted collection, he discusses the role of art as a vanguard of developments in science and as a force for social change. These essays also contribute to an understanding of Březina's poetry, for which he is better known. They comprise the most systematic exposition of his aesthetic creed, which served to inspire the Czech writers and literary critics who followed in his footsteps.

This edition is the first complete English translation of any complete volume of Březina's work.


What others say:

Brezina was the greatest of Czech symbolists, indeed, one of the great figures in European symbolism generally ... Bulkin has produced a fine and faithful translation which I can recommend to anyone ...

The New Presence

Hidden History [is] a unique marriage of philosophical investigation and artistic endeavor that produced finely wrought lyrical expositions of Brezina's aesthetic and mystical beliefs.

The Prague Post

Approaching the irrational passions of life with a manic rush, ... Brezina forsakes rational structures of thought, instead creating towers of language that often exhibit powerfully abstract imagery.

Rain Taxi


ISBN 9788090217126
152 pp.
13.5 x 19 cm
1 B/W illustration
literature : essays

release date:
December 1997

out of print
new edition forthcoming

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