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Gerhard Rühm

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  gerhard rühm

Born in Vienna, Austria, in 1930, author, composer, visual artist Gerhard Rühm is one of the key figures in the postwar European (neo)avant-garde. He studied music in the 1950s and ’60s and was a founding member of the legendary Wiener Gruppe. His work is characterized by the intersections of music and language as well as text and image and thus encompasses poetry, prose, radio plays, drama scenarios, music compositions, visual compositions, collages, and graphic art. His work with text reflects the techniques of concrete poetry and Dadaism, while Surrealism and Dark Romanticism were an influence during the Wiener Gruppe period. In his later work, among other things, he cleverly incorporates pornographic motifs, takes shots at Christianity, and often invokes the aesthetics of ugliness, vulgarity, or banality. Rühm currently divides his time between Cologne and Vienna.


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cake & prostheses

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