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  wolf at the door

by Travis Jeppesen

A sculptor dying of a mysterious illness leaves the city behind in order to live out his final days in solitude in a village somewhere in Eastern Europe. His sole contact is with a deaf-mute gravedigger named Vojtech, a golem-like figure who delivers the necessary provisions — when he remembers to show up. A nameless wanderer traverses the barren streets of an unknown city in search of his next prey ...

Author of the critically acclaimed novel Victims, Travis Jeppesen has sculpted an absurdist drama of banal interactions via two parallel stories that never directly intersect, but rather hover interdependently in a polluted atmospheric stasis. Rife with ghosts and illusions perdues, at times violent and scatological, Wolf at the Door confronts fear and devastation, destruction and creation, the decay of both spirit and body with a blend of intense black humor and linguistic inventiveness that dares to ponder what happens after The End: of both art and life.


Wolf at the Door represents two distinct features of the modern human: the nameless dying man living alone in his cottage withering away symbolizes what we feel like inside. How we all feel like we are trapped far away, alone, desperate for communication, but all we can find is a world deaf to our needs, and a world that refuses to answer our questions on even why or how.

— Noah Cicero, 3:AM Magazine

Although the novel begins lethargically, Jeppesen seasons his neurotic diatribe with bits of dark humor and linguistic games. Toward the end, this unique style has a huge pay-off when the author, having established the reader's context, liberates the prose from conventions and pushes toward the unknown with experiments in language. At times the novel disintegrates into an associative prose that is so fragmented it must be read aloud.

The Daily Cougar

First discovered by Dennis Cooper, who published his acclaimed debut Victims at 23, Berlin-based US wunderkind Travis Jeppesen is influenced by "poetry, pornography heavy metal, kitty cats and chaos". Occasionally scatological and always provocative, his new novel Wolf at the Door is the type of dark poetic journey into Europe that only an American abroad could write.

— Ben Myers, Arena Magazine


ISBN 9788086264295
170 pp.
13.5 x 20 cm
softcover with flaps
literature : novel

release dates:
UK: June 2007
US: July 2007

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