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Vít Kremlička


  vít kremlička

Born in 1962 in Prague, Kremlička is one of the most consequential Czech poets of the post-revolutionary period. He first published his writing in samizdat during the 1980s and was a co-founder of the dissident cultural journal Jednou nohou, which became the highly influential Revolver Revue. He also helped launch the news weekly Respekt in 1989. His first officially published work was the poetic novella Ship's Log in 1991, and it was an immediate sensation. In addition to his many collections of poetry, his work also includes lyrical prose and reworkings of Indian legends from the Americas, and he has received some of the Czech Republic's top literary awards, such as the Jiří Orten Prize in 1991 and the Revolver Revue Prize in 2011. An avid fisherman, Kremlička splits his time between Prague and north Bohemia.


published by TSP:

Selected Writing [forthcoming]

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