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  iustin panta

Panta (1964-2001) was born and educated in Bucharest, graduating from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1989. He lived and worked as an engineer in the Transylvanian city of Sibiu. The December 1989 revolution in Romania made it possible for him to pursue literature, and he served as editor in chief of the cultural journal Euphorion, which he made into one of the nation's most lively and free-spirited contemporary periodicals. During the next decade Panta produced five collections of largely prose poetry, earning him a reputation as one of the most important writers of the 1990s. His debut volume, Blownup Objects (1991), won a Romanian Writers' Union prize and his 1995 volume, The Family and the Indifferent Equilibrium received a number of major awards. He also co-authored a poetic narrative with Mircea Ivanescu: The Limits of Power or the Bribing the Witnesses, a Russian Novel (1994). A book of essays, Handbook of Thoughts That Console / Handbook of Thoughts That Disturb (2000) turned out to be his last. Panta died in a car crash at the end of September 2001.


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