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Nichita Danilov


  nichita danilov

Nichita Danilov (b. 1952) is the author of seven books of poetry and three of prose. His debut volume was awarded the Romanian Writers' Union Prize for First Books, and he has been awarded other prizes by the Writers' Union in the Republic of Moldova and the Soros Foundation. Not ethnically Romanian, Danilov was raised speaking both Russian and Romanian, but writes solely in the latter language. In English his work has appeared in the anthologies Young Poets of a New Romania and City of Dreams and Whispers. He has previously worked as an accountant, theater director, teacher, and for three years was Romania's Cultural Attache to the Republic of Moldova. A regular contributor to periodicals, he lives in Iasi where he is currently editor-in-chief of a Romanian-Russian cultural magazine.


published by TSP:
Second-Hand Souls

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