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Zuzana Brabcová

photo: ČTK

  zuzana brabcová

Zuzana Brabcová (1959-2015) was born in Prague to the literary historians Jiří Brabec, a signatory of Charter 77, and Zina Trochová. After graduating high school, she was denied by the Communist regime the opportunity to study at university, so she worked as a librarian, hospital attendant, and for six years as a cleaning lady. After the regime fell in 1989, Brabcová worked for a short time at the Ministry of Interior and then as an editor for Prague publishing houses. In the years preceding her death she was unemployed. Her first novel, Far from the Tree, came out in samizdat abroad in 1987, and for it she became the very first recipient of the Jiří Orten Prize. It was officially published in Prague soon after the Revolution. She published two more novels in the 1990s before taking a twelve-year hiatus. Her novel Ceilings appeared in 2012, receiving a Magnesia Litera Award for Prose Book of the Year, and Aviaries followed in 2016.


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